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Cute And Bubbly Welsh Corgi Pembroke FOR SALE

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Our family’s baby, Dolce (Welsh Corgi) gave birth to two healthy pups. We named the babies Chocolate and Mocha. The two pups are similarly cute and energetic. They both have so much energy through the day. Mocha and Chocolate are at their happiest when they can spend time with their mom and their humans. Both pups are foodies! HAHAH they LOVE to eat. Both pups are healthy because theyre given complete vaccines, vitamins and proper food to make sure that they get the nutrients they need. Mocha and Chocolate are as smart as their mom! Dolce (mom) barks at any unexpected sounds and knows some tricks; I think the pups manifested the smart trait from her; Training is essential!! We really want to find a new home for the pups. Somewhere we know they will be safe and feel loved and at home. Below this is a description of the two puppies, so you can choose which caters your liking. Both pups are equally cute, healthy, loving and smart, they just have a tiny bit of difference in their personality.

Very energetic
Loves to participate in whatever were doing

Funny (eats while sleeping HAHA)
More reserved but she warms up in new places quickly

We hope that through these images and descriptions you can see how we see Mocha and Chocolate. We truly love our Corgi pups and we want the best for them. We posted our listing here because were hoping to find a new family and home for them as soon as possible. Who knows that might be... YOU! ❤️

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LocationMalolos, BULACAN 3000
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